What are the six foods that help you to catch a cold?

When you have a cold, you should pay attention to your diet. Diet can relieve and promote the early recovery of colds. So how do you eat during a cold? What foods are good for eating? Let’s take a look at the six foods that help to alleviate the cold.

What are the good foods for a cold, which are good for alleviating the cold?


One nutrient that must be contained in radish is radish, which has a certain effect on relieving colds and preventing colds. Therefore, you can eat more radishes in your daily life, which helps prevent colds and illnesses. If you accidentally catch a cold, you can also eat some carrots to alleviate the discomfort that the cold brings to yourself.

2. Honey

Honey is also available in some markets in early daily life. Honey contains some biologically active substances that have a very good effect on our body. This substance stimulates our body’s immune function and it also enhances our immune function. Take it twice a day in the morning and evening to fight the virus into the body.

What are the good foods for a cold, which are good for alleviating the cold?

4. Onion, garlic

We all know that the smell of onion is very unpleasant, so we don’t want to eat it, but the smell of onion can help us resist cold and resist the cold, and the onion also has a certain antibacterial effect. Onion not only has these functions, but it also stimulates the secretion of the stomach, intestines, etc., thereby promoting our digestion and increasing appetite. After eating garlic, the taste in our mouth can’t disappear for a long time, so there are very few people who eat garlic in normal times, but the propylene sulfide contained in garlic can inhibit pathogens and parasites very well.

3. Light soup and porridge

During the cold, the stomach of the human body, the stomach function will become very poor, may lead to eating without appetite, at this time, you can drink light soup and porridge, will help digestion. At the same time, we can also drink some hot porridge, drink hot soup to cause the body to sweat, after the body sweats, pay attention to drink water to supplement the body’s moisture.

What are the good foods for a cold, which are good for alleviating the cold?

5. Steamed chicken and fish

  When the cold is cold, the human body will be very weak. Pay attention to the timely supplementation of protein. Chicken and fish contain a variety of essential amino acids. Moreover, protein is beneficial to the body to absorb and digest, and can enhance the resistance to cold viruses.

6. Lean meat

When we have a cold, we can eat more lean meat, which is rich in protein and calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients. Iron is easily absorbed by the body. If the level of iron in the body is maintained well, it can also improve immunity. Zinc can activate the body’s white blood cells against viral bacteria and enhance cell viability.

When the patient has a cold, pay more attention to not eating too many eggs, drinking too much tea water, try to drink boiled water. Can not drink cold drinks, which will aggravate the patient’s condition.

Tips for making soy milk

The weather turned cold, and the whole autumn was raised, and of course it could not fall into the winter. The winter health care that I said today is actually very simple, that is to drink more soy milk. In the winter, drinking soy milk can warm the stomach, nourish and tonic, not to mention beauty anti-aging. Xiaobian today is to teach you the secrets of the production of 12 kinds of soy milk, change the taste every day.

Women's winter health winter female health care soy milk effect beauty anti-aging

Soy milk
Ingredients: 60 grams of soybeans, 10 grams of medlar, 1200 ml of water 

1. soak the soybeans for 6-16 hours, spare
2. soaked soybeans and glutinous rice into the LB soymilk net cover, add water to the cup and start the soymilk machine. After 10 minutes of soy milk cooking, it will be effective: nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting eyesight and enhancing immunity.

Mifa black sesame paste
Ingredients: 1 spoon of honey, 20 grams of black sesame, soybean 60 grams, the right amount of water Method:

1. soak the soybeans for 6-16 hours, spare
2. soaked soy beans and black sesame seeds into the soymilk net cover, the cup body according to the provisions to add water, start soymilk, ten After a few minutes, the soy milk is cooked. After a little cold, add honey.

What You Don’t Know About Eating Healthy Could Be Costing to More Than You Think

Eating should be enjoyable and it ought to be nourishing. Eating healthy can enable you to live healthier. It will let you stay healthy and sexy for many years to come! It can be quite hard to begin with but you just have to show determination and you will succeed. It is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy to shed weight will be hard but you should continue being motivated and determined.

Healthy eating will become the way you live. It is important to all. In other words, it will improve your stress level and the risk of cancer and diabetes and many other health issues.
Eating Healthy Explained

Whenever someone offers you food you’re anticipated to eat it. So pay attention to your food and you’ll be eating mindfully. Browsing for the best kind of food which you want to eat and combining the food with each other to begin your fast metabolism diet. The types of foods you eat may also help you shed weight particularly when you avoid high fat foods and non-nutritive food like junk foods. When you begin to eat foods that aren’t processed and possess the nutrients you need your lethargy will disappear. Merely a very simple food is going to do. Whole grain foods are extremely full of carbohydrates.

You ought to avoid eating fast food. You’re going to be amazed to discover that it is possible to eat as much food without gaining weight. Such foods are cheaply readily available to a lot of college students. They also have the ability to reduce instances of muscle cramps as well as help fight fatigue. Eating the ideal foods consistently is the ideal way to slim down. When you start to eat the perfect foods, you will discover that each facet of your life will change.

Food is important in the role of the body. Healthy food is merely too pricey and no one does anything to modify the rules and really make a difference. Healthy foods are more expensive to purchase, but there are simple tips that you are able to utilize to assist you follow your budget and revel in nutritious eating at exactly the same moment. Nobody appears to encourage healthful foods and to do something for those prices to go down. Eating healthy food is critical, not just to promote decent health but also to decrease the probability of chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Food can become your fountain of youth or it may become your poison. Foods like beef, bread, and sometimes even ice cream aren’t entirely bad. It isn’t mandatory that you are going to have to eat every sort of food daily. It isn’t that simple to begin eating healthy right away if you’ve been binging on junk or unhealthy food all of your life. Cutting down junk food and fast food gives you the energy you must survive a hectic moment.

Many people consider diets as a fast fix. In conclusion, diet is a significant portion of ones life. Diet can return to the days before we’re born. One reason why you’re always hungry, is perhaps due to an inefficient diet which subsists on empty carbs. Eating a healthful diet doesn’t have to be hard or painful. There really isn’t any reason to even try one of many fad diets out there.

Top Eating Healthy Secrets

A wholesome lifestyle isn’t just determined by physical activity, but on a nutritious diet too. It is crucial to eat healthily and adopt a healthful lifestyle so you don’t have to fret about weight gain. To reverse insulin resistance, it’s necessary for you to change your way of life and habits, not only go on a diet to slim down.

Several have ignored the advantage of healthful nutrition and have continued to put unhealthy foods in their stomachs. There are many advantages of eating healthy. Weight regulation One of the numerous advantages of eating healthy is being in a position to regulate your weight. By eating the proper food, only than you will receive the complete benefit from a decent all-natural supplement to insure your body will stay healthier.

Whatever They Told You About Eating Healthy Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Produce are crucial to a wholesome diet. Fresh vegetables and fruits are an important portion of a proper diet, but they may be very difficult on your financial plan. You must revolve around covering all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other sources of all-natural products.

Eating breakfast can help you to steer clear of binging during other meals. Quick Breakfasts A wholesome breakfast is essential for everybody, but when you’re rushing to find the children to school and the parents to work, it’s simple to fall back on convenience foods. A wholesome breakfast fortified with iron and vitamins is a great way to begin your day.